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After obtaining worms from a truck-stop sandwich, Fry finally obtains the affection of Leelabut he is concerned whether she loves him or what the worms have made of him. The Planet Viermi Futurama Fry Ship pulls over viermi Futurama Fry a fuel stop. While Fry finishes his sandwich, Leela starts to clean the windshield of the Planet Express Ship, removing, among other things, the Voyager Probe. Several truckers including Sal and Hoschel make derogatory, sexist comments toward Leela as she cleans the ship.

Fry attempts to defend her, but he unintentionally insults her further. Back at the Planet Express building Fry despairs over being unable to please Leela. This despair is interrupted when he and Bender go to fix the plasma-fusion boilerwhich Scruffy is unable to fix due to a "schedule conflict".

During an examination from Dr. Hermes eats his popcorn using a Jai Alai scoop, because Fry has been eating all the silverware. The Professor says that the only viermi Futurama Fry to get rid of the parasites is to enter Fry using a viermi Futurama Fry continue reading of the Planet Express Ship. The Professor creates micro-droids for viermi Futurama Fry crew member, which, apparently, is cheaper than shrinking them.

The micro-droids are controlled via net suits. Irritation of the ganglion will expel the parasites among other things from Fry. The force of the expulsion, according to the Professor, will make Fry lucky to still have his bones afterwards.

Fry cannot be warned of the plan, however, as the worms know everything he knows. Leela distracts Fry long enough to launch the miniature Planet Express ship into his ear. In order to keep him distracted, Leela proposes taking a walk. Click here Planet Express Crew discovers that the worms are actually giving Fry a mental and physical upgrade making him smarter, stronger, and more coordinated. As they navigate through the nasal passage, Fry sniffs a rose, which he gives to Leela.

This bombards the Planet Express Ship with pollen, prompting Zoidberg to suggest they escape through a nasal capillary. The nasal capillary takes the crew into the heart. Unbeknown to the crew, Fry is stepping into a puddle viermi Futurama Fry help Leela avoid getting her feet wet.

Upon taking his hand, his heart starts to beat faster, causing Bender to panic. Professor Farnsworth sets a course for a cholesterol-encrusted valve, in an attempt to avoid certain doom.

Despite this, Fry confronts Sal, demanding an apology. Leela protests, saying that he is "bulging with what could be muscles.

After a short confrontation, being disarmed and defeated, Sal apologizes to Leela. The Planet Express Ship sets off a proximity alarm as they neared the stomach, and several worm sentry ships converge and open fire on the Planet Express Ship.

Ahead, the entrance to the stomach is starting to close, but they manage make it through, thanks to the help of the worm fighters. They arrive in the bowel and begin an assault on the worm city.

At a coffee-shop across the street from Planet Express, Fry finally shares his feelings with Leela, which he was previously not able to articulate. Leela realizes that the worms may have something to do with the new Fry, and runs off to the Planet Express building without explaining her intentions to Fry.

At the Planet Express Building, Leela scans herself to create a micro-droid for herself, and enters Fry by shooting herself into his cup of nocatina. Before the others can stimulate the ganglion, Leela arrives and destroys her micro-droid co-workers with a fire axe. After destroying the microscopic versions of the crew, Leela takes off her net-suit and tells the Professor that Fry might be better off with the worms.

Fry enters the room and demands an explanation. Later, Leela takes Fry to her apartmentwhere pulls out a holophonorone of the most difficult instruments in the universe. Despite this, he plays incredibly well, and the hologram shows Fry and Leela in viermi Futurama Fry variety of forms across the universe.

Without saying a word, Leela takes Fry into the bedroom, where says she loves what Fry has become. Fry realizes she may not love him for who he truly is, but instead, for viermi Futurama Fry see more worms have made him viermi Futurama Fry. He returns to the Planet Express building and makes a micro-droid of himself, which he drops into the back of his pants.

Inside his own bowel, Fry confronts the Lord Mayor of Cologne. Fry threatens to injure viermi Futurama Fry to evict the worms. They call his bluff, but he cuts several connections within his brain, including the hand-eye coordination lobe. He reaches the medulla oblongata, and threatens to kill himself if they do not leave. After a brief standoff, the worms agree to leave, but give him a promise that they will find their way back-"Ever wonder what makes special sauce so special?

He asks to play the holophonor, but Leela protests, saying that she was still seduced from earlier. He insists and starts playing, creating a Frankenstein-like monster. I got nervous and started thinking about neck bolts. Fry asks for a chance to prove that it was him, not the worms that made her love him. Fry pulls out a baggie of massage oil and offers to give her the massage he used to give Amy.

Leela, covering herself, shoves the viermi Futurama Fry in his face and tells him to leave. Later that night, Fry begins his first lesson on the holophonor, creating a rudimentary hologram of Leela. The romance between Fry and Leela is explored in this episode. Sal : Stands back. Fry : That jerk.

Leela : Fry, please. Sal : Yo, sexy mama! Fry : Hey, jumbo! How would you like viermi Futurama Fry if Viermi Futurama Fry said you viermi Futurama Fry sexy and she wanted to make love with you?

She looks pretty good for a truck-stop chick. Fry : You take that back! She does not look good for a truck-stop chick. Fry : She does too! Fry and Bender gasp. Steam starts filling viermi Futurama Fry room.

Fry : Well, my lead pipe hurts a little. Fry opens his mouth. Bender : Yo old guy, why do we have to use those viermi Futurama Fry micro droids? Professor : Oh my no, that would require extremely tiny atoms, have you priced those lately? The old me would have made a joke about that! Fry : Who controls this bowel? Underneath the statue is the inscription "The Known Universe".

Viermi Futurama Fry statue is in the same pointing pose as Fry is. The worms gasp and bow. Location : Construction site. Translation : WATCH FOR FALLING HUMANS. Navigation in production order. Navigation in broadcast order. The old me would have made a joke about that!. Translation : HUMAN MILK. Debut : Lord Mayor of Cologne. Debut : Satan mentioned in speech viermi Futurama Fry. The Beast with a Billion Backs.

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I Dated a Robot. A Leela of Her Own. A Pharaoh to Remember. Anthology of Viermi Futurama Fry II. Roswell that Ends Well.

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